I don’t remember which twitter account it was, but there was someone who noticed what I noticed. This kid out of Harvard was playing in the NBA Summer League and was trying to actually run an offense. The earmark of summer league are the fantastical, terrible shots players take to impress scouts…


To Wong Followers,

You guys should follow AbsurdistMedia.com instead of this site, which I only update by accident.

Thanks for Everything,

Jarfrey Newmar


I tried to do this with Sarah several times during her visit, and she kind of did it halfheartedly and then looked at me like I was an idiot. I mean, sure that’s true, but I just want to do Troy and Abed’s handshake with my lovely girlfriend during really great moments in my life and that’s not unreasonable.

I do this with my drunjfolk and it is amazing.


Today marks the 20th anniversary of Ren & Stimpy.

I still can’t believe this was on Nickelodeon, even if it was on Saturday nights. There’s no Adult Swim without Ren Hoek & Stimpson J. Cat.

Stave Eelbini

I’m just catching on to these Steve Albini comments on Odd Future and it totally shocks me that anyone in the world is giving this credence. Albini didn’t like these dudes he saw on a bus and doesn’t like rap… so he may/or may not be racist? Or doesn’t get music? Or… wait, what the hell is the argument here? Dude did cool shit and doesn’t have to like cool shit.

I feel like whenever I read ideas as pointless as I have about pointless material, I just listen to Phosphorescent’s “Hej, I’m Light” and wash my brain. Might have to do it twice after reading this too. 

Yeah, it is all happening.

My dad died one year ago today. My car just died on the side of I 95. Distance between my car and his grave is less than an hour. I was talking about him to his sister on the phone when it happened. If I die, tell my story to the grandchildren.

Quick Quiz

Why did I just search Old Superman Eyes on google?

A) I am high on the Pennsylvania highway system B) Completely Insane, I am C) both A and B

Winner gets a new set of cereal bowls.